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Poornima Narayanan

06 July, 2017

Issue No. 190 I June 2017


In the Champion's Trophy, our team got humbled by a rejuvenated and charged up Pakistani team. To the spectator, many decisions on the field and in the selection seemed inexplicable. While many persons are talking about match fixing, It seems unfathomable that the players would stoop so low considering all of them are multi millionaires in dollar terms and would not jeopardise their career and reputation to sleaze. Be that as it may, the manner in which they lost, calls for a lot of introspection.

Will it be the end of the road for Mahender Singh Dhoni? Among other things, Dhoni has also lost the captaincy of his IPL team Pune Supergiants. It could also have been the last fling of his armoury at the Champion's trophy. Probably, to some, he is past his 'sell by' date. To me he is still lightning fast with his stumping and amongst the fastest runners between the wickets even if his batting has lost much of its potency. How did Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the laid back boy from Jharkhand who became the free-spirited dervish of International cricket slowly fade from the limelight? While, at his peak he gave a new meaning to attacking batting and lightning stumping, younger Trojans have taken over his mantle. His cool demeanour under the most trying and testing situations left rival captains frustrated. Let's raise a salute to him.

Most people are in mortal dread of a person who wears a white smock, totes a fiendishly whiny electric drill and is known as a dentist. I am no exception to the rule. On a recent visit I was weighing the option of two procedures, one, a more permanent fix which involved the extensive use of the drill in question and the other a less permanent one with a less intrusive procedure. No marks for guessing which one I chose.

Travelling on company account hands you the privilege of flying business class and staying in 5 star hotels. However, there is a downside to it. While the airfare and hotel bills are taken care of by the company, the tips you pay the staff is to your account. Everyone is so unctuous as though you were the first rainfall after a drought. The check in clerk is so sugary sweet that people like me who are not the Nawabi born keep looking over the shoulder to see who is the person he is addressing. The bellboy leads you to the lift as if you were some matinee idol. You end up giving him a decent tip lest he give you the supercilious sneer. You check out after paying Rs. 20,000 per day for your room with taxes and sundry expenses and you think you got even because you took away the complimentary mini shampoo, mini conditioner and tooth brush! By the time you are done with all the handouts to the bell hop, doorman, taxi driver and sundry other people, you realise you are down a few hundred bucks which you cannot claim from the company. Now that I am in my sunset years and need to save up for a future without a salary, I got down to do a back of the envelop calculation on the tips I must have paid over the last thirty years. I was  astounded to realise that it was a few lacs of rupees. To think that one paid gratification to the guy who opened the door of your taxi which you could have very well done yourself makes you feel cheated. Well I deserved it, I guess. My friends in Yamuna who are much younger than I am and travel extensively should take a note of this and exercise restraint lest they find after retirement that a big chunk of what should have been their savings is in somebody else's pocket.

If you are going to DDA, you have to be weatherproofed for disappointment. However, off late the agents have become wiser to the requirements of documents and as such free-hold activities have become a breeze, so long as you have all the required papers. It is suggested that all those who get their flats converted to free-hold should give a photocopy of the set of documents to the office so that the society can take cognizance of the same and accordingly plan to pay the lease rental only for the remainder of members.

The incidence of rapes in UP have multiplied by gargantuan proportion It is believed rape videos are selling at Rs. 20 apiece in most UP towns which is probably the cause of this proliferation.  Why a woman trying to protect her modesty in the face of grave threat to her body and life by male predators can turn on people, boggles the mind. Are these people normal? Many girls have left school and are sacrificing their education as a consequence. How can the government and social organisations be silent to this? Only prurient interest keeps this business alive. I am disgusted and enraged. While Yogi Adityanath has talked about zero tolerance on crime against women, this is a decades old malaise where the law enforcement agencies have themselves been found to be culpable. It is going to be a humungous task to clean the stables.

The main lawn was infested by weeds. A sturdy and wild grass variety had taken over many parts of the lawn thereby muscling out the selection variety of grass which is what lawns are made of. A contractor was appointed to deweed the lawn and plant fresh grass. This has been done. It will take a while for the grass to spread its cover over the bare areas and become dense. We could be seeing a lush lawn by Dussehra. Consequently, for Sports Day and Annual Day we will be treading on a green carpet.

The implementation of GST with effect from 1st July, 2017 is a mega reformist measure taken by the Government. This will remove many of the inefficiencies that plague the productivity of the Indian manufacturing sector. In the initial months there is likely to be some chaos as many will be forced to move from a non taxation regime to a taxation regime and compliance issues will stymie the best efforts of many in the unorganised sector. However, over a period of time the gains of GST will start trickling through and prices of most things will come down.

The monsoon has arrived a tad early and beset us with the same problems of stagnation and seepage. Please guard against vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chickungunia etc by ensuring that there is no stagnant water in the coolers and other places which act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Society has cleaned all the terrace drains so that no water stagnates there and seeps into the flats in the top floor.


Mr. Ajoy Choudhury, member of E-001 and the chief architect of the Design Group which designed Yamuna Apartments breathed his last on 2nd June, 2017 at the Escorts Heart Institute. We are indeed grateful to him for having designed such a magnificent edifice which is a cynosure for all architecture students. We convey our heartfelt condolence to all his family members. May his soul rest in peace. 


The first two snippets relate to events that happened in May but could not be featured in the May Chronicle.

V.E. Gayathri has moved out of E-003. She is headed to the The Hague in the Netherlands to add to her academic heft in the legal profession by enrolling for a Masters Degree in Law. That she has chosen the Hague as her place of choice to pursue her masters may be with the intention of eventually joining the International Court of Justice which is housed there.


Mrs.Durga Narayanaswamy of F-003 decided to relieve the misery of the chowkidars whose time in the Guard house is a living hell in searing heat of the summer when temperatures can reach over 45⁰ C. She donated a desert cooler each for the A & H block Guard houses. The guards are obviously grateful to her for this largesse.

Yohaan Abraham A-008 is not just another neighbourhood kid. He is an ace badminton player. This attractive southpaw will not be seen gracing our badminton court for a few years as he has chosen to do his Bachelor's in Design from the Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. We wish him good luck.

Another handy badminton player from B-202, Sumyouktha Shankar, with cerebral heft in equal measure has cracked the Xth Class Board Exams. She scored a perfect 10 GPA in all subjects except English. Way to go, girl. Congratulations!

Another daughter of Yamuna has flown the nest. Aishwarya Nair of H-002 got married to Prathyush in Guruvayoorappan Temple in Mayur Vihar in blazing heat on 4th June, 2017. With a massive crowd milling around the mini sanctum sanctorum, barely anybody could actually witness the wedding ceremony. Adorned from head to waist in exquisite gold jewellery, she looked like a princess.Mercifully,the actual function got over in a jiffy and everybody could move to the cool comfort of the Hall. The snacks, beverages and the lunch spread was extensive and delectable. Yamuna was very well represented. Everybody had a jolly good time and for Yamuna residents it was another opportunity to intermingle. As a precursor to the wedding there was mehndi and sangeet in a hall in GK2 for some fun and gaiety. Aishwarya's friends danced delightfully to some choreographed numbers. Asha, you have pulled off a humdinger of a wedding. Prathyush has whisked Aishwarya off to a secret destination in Mauritius for their honeymoon.


Member of A-205, T.S. Ramji's son Raghav, got married to Kavita, his erstwhile colleague at Ashok Leyland, in Bhopal on 8th June, 2017. At a charming reception held in Kota House in Delhi on 12th June, 2017 several Yamuna residents were present. Kavita will be joining Raghav in Germany where he currently works. Meena and Ramji were gracious hosts.


Mr. Amitabh Adhikary has moved into C-108 from Kolkata. He is working in the HR department with the Aditya Birla Group. Among other things he is fond of reading and writing for journals on HR matters. His wife Reshmi Ghosh was a Biology and Environmental Science teacher. She has interests in interior decoration and socialising. Their daughter, Elina studies in Class V in Tagore International School. 

04 June, 2017

Issue No. 189 I May 2017


With the onset of summer in right earnest, there will be a void in the cutural calendar for the next few months. Not that it should concern most, as many plan a vacation either to their home town or have plans to go on holidays within or outside the country. For those who feel holidays are dear, hibernate at home as the torrid heat outside could give you a heat stroke which you should much rather avoid. The only thing about summer that I like is the arrival of the king of fruits, the mango. Depending on the month, the juiciest of mango varieties make their presence with Alphonso, safeda, dassheri, chousa, langda and the like. For variety, it is the season for watermelons, musk melons, cherries, plums, apricots and litchees as well. So, go on a fruitarian diet.

After a recent surprise inspection of the meter rooms in the colony, BSES wanted to impose a hefty penalty for sundry material stored there. After giving assurance that the meter rooms will be cleared of all things forthwith and not allowed as a storage space, they let  off the Society scot-free. Residents are advised not to store anything in the meter rooms lest it become a fire hazard and our building goes up in flames like a tinder box. This matter gains further credence because on 16th May, 2017 H-006 had a short circuit and a major fire was averted by timely action of the residents. Braveheart Chandrakantha Purohit of F001 battled intense heat and leaping flames to venture into the flat and smash the window with a projectile so that others could throw sand and water inside to contain the flames. Kudos to her, Anand Sundaresan and several others  Like in most tragic incidents there is  always a silver lining in the dark clouds The residents were at home so the flat could be accessed from outside to control the situation. Had this happened when the residents were not at home the whole of H Block could have gone up in flames.Due to a plethora of wires and cutouts, the meter room is much more vulnerable to short-circuits.

Whilst on the subject I would like to give an advisory to all residents not to remove or change plugs from the socket while the switch is on. I find that that this is a common practice especially these days when people are plugging in devices like mobile phones and laptops for charging. Little do they realise that when they pull out a plug or insert another plug when the switch is on, for a momentary period of time an air gap is created which leads to spark generation which over time erodes the contacts and creates a permanent gap. This permanent gap between plug and socket will then be a source of permanent sparking which may not be visible to you. Over time the plug heats up and when it exceeds the threshold level can burn and could be a cause of fire. If the plug is hidden behind a cupboard or a curtain it could lead to a major fire and your flat could get gutted. A little caution can save all the bother.

Mr. R. C. Natarajan of C-106 who is an consultant to BSES has very kindly put out an advisory of the do's and don't concerning the use of electrical gadgets in the portal and notice boards. Please take cognizance of the same to avert any mishaps.

Yamuna Apartments was featured prominently in an issue of the Hindu listing it among the 10 most iconic modern buildings in Delhi. This feature was carried by the BBC some decades ago as well. We should be proud of this heritage and retain the facade in its pristine condition. Instead several residents have made extensions to their balconies and installed monstrous grills which project beyond the plinth area.  Split AC's are installed with metres of fat cable running on the facade instead of taking the cable within the flat by scooping out the plaster, burying the cable in the wall and masking it with POP. This way neither the facade nor the inside of the house will be an eyesore. Whenever residents are told not to do any of the aforementioned things they retort by saying that they are only following what others are doing. If people keep pointing at others without seeing the fault in their own actions we will end up looking like the ramshackle tenements of DDA. Lets wake up and put a stop to this. There should be zero tolerance for any acts of transgression.

As usual Yamuna students have done exceedingly well in the XIIth Class Board Exams. We are very proud of their achievement.Their results are reproduced below. As expected a girl has outshone the boys. I wonder why they are called the weaker sex. In all aspects except physical strength they are the stronger sex. Doesn't matter, we will lick our wounds and move on. Maybe men are more happy go lucky whereas women always want to prove a point.



The H Block basement has now been painted and new lights have been installed to improve the illumination. Unclaimed motorcycles/scooters have also been removed and being handed over to the police. A CCTV camera has been installed strategically to ward off any petrol thefts and acts of vandalism. In view of the foregoing, residents who park their two wheelers on the surface are advised to move them to the basement. Parking of two wheelers on the surface hampers free movement and the staff also do not clean the area where they are parked.


It was very thoughtful of Mr. Debabrata Das of B-304 to donate two Milton cold water dispensing jugs of 10 litres capacity each to A Block and H Block guard rooms. We thank him for this very kind gesture.

Yamunaites are making a name for themselves far and away. Mr. and Mrs. Nagarajan's (A-202) daughter, Shruthi has won the grand first prize at the National  music competition in Singapore. I have not heard her sing. The next time they visit Yamuna we should get her to sing for us, Great going, Shruthi.


Mr. Kislaya Singh has moved into B-306 from Kalkaji. He works as Sr. Manager, Buisness Development (North India) with Premier Shield Pvt Ltd, a company operating in the Security Services domain. His other interests are socialising and watching movies. His wife Puja is a housewife and freelances as an apparel designer. She may soon start a studio for readymade garments. They can be reached on 9911225652 and 9911357652 respectively.


Mr. Rajesh Sharma has moved into A-004 from GK 2 with his wife Sangeeta. Both Rajesh and Sangeeta are engineers. Rajesh is a hydraulic consultant. He represented Gulbarga University cricket team. Sangeeta works in the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Their daughter Nidhi works in Canada. Call 9313218316 for Rajesh and 9312282628 for Sangeeta.


Ms. Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan has moved into H-303 after buying it from the previous owner. Suchitra has passed out of NID Ahmedabad and then gone on to do an MA in Social Design and is teaching at the School of Design, Ambedkar University. She is also an amateur historian and has authored two books on Gujarat –Social History of Gujarat and Social History of Ahmedabad. She has esoteric tastes. She likes Western Classical music, particularly opera, reads detective fiction and has a passion for collecting matchboxes! Her daughter Ayesha after doing BA in history from St. Stephens College, did an MA in Ethnomusicology from King's College, London. After a brief stint in a musical archive she is heading off to University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for a Ph.D. in – you guessed it – music. Suchitra's son Aniruddh is pursuing a course in Liberal Arts from Asim Premji University in Bangalore. He is a marathon runner and is interested in wildlife conservation. He is also doing an internship with an organisation in Himachal Pradesh which is working on the conservation of the snow leopard. Quite an unconventional family. Suchitra can be reached on 9654649881.

We welcome the diversity of all the newcomers to the  Yamuna family and would like to see them integrate seamlessly into the social fabric of Yamuna.


Pallavi, Mr. and Mrs. Govil's daughter, has been blessed with a son on 19th May, 2017. Pallavi will have her hands full with a lot of nappy changing and sleepless nights. Maybe big sister Anya can play mother to her sibling and take a load off her mother. We wish Pallavi and Abhay happy baby sitting.

Mr. N. L. Ganapathi has moved his office from H-206 to Safdarjung Development Area. May his practice flourish in the new place, although we will miss his legal counsels at close quarters. 


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