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05 March, 2017

Issue No. 186 I February 2017


This year's budget was not just a collection of numbers and figures but it signalled a paradigm shift in vision, strategy, values and aspirations. For the first time in history the budget was presented in February which would enable the Government to get its act going from the first day of the new financial year.The indirect taxes were left untouched for the first time owing to the impending introduction of the revolutionary GST. PM Modi has shown over time that he likes to take the path that angels fear to tread. It takes a leader with the daring of a seafarer to take a politically risky non populist budget in election season. While the budget was presented by the Finance Minister it had the makings of Narendra Modi written all over it.

Our endeavour to go green has finally borne fruit. According to Dakshin Dilli Swacch Initiatives Ltd (DDSIL) an IL&FS arm which is into recycling of all urban waste, we are the first society in Delhi to have adopted waste recycling. DDSIL converts kitchen and green waste into manure which they sell through Safal stores. Construction waste and rubble are converted into tiles, pots and other sundry products. Paper, plastic, glass and metallic waste go directly into recycling. They have installed 4 bins for kitchen waste near the garbage dump in C Block where their tipper comes and unloads the garbage into the tipper daily. Residents have to ensure that they put only organic/kitchen waste in their garbage bag for the jamadar(s)/nis to take away and deposit in the bins. E-waste, paper, plastic waste etc should be put in the bins placed in the office for Chintan or Pom-Pom to take away. The National Green Tribunal, a statutory body with constitutional authority has prescribed punitive measures for disposal of unsegregated garbage. Since this is still at its infancy the enforcement of this rule has been lax. Soon enough they would wield their stick and levy fines if they catch unsegregated garbage going out of the society. It is necessary for all the residents to co-operate as otherwise it would be difficult to ascertain the culprit when the garbage of 195 households is going out. It is as diificult as nailing the origin of the noxious emission of a quiescent flatulence in a crowded room. As a consequence of the aforementioned measures, the C Block garbage dump looks sanitised and free of stench. Hurrah.

The painting competition began under overcast and blustery conditions on 5th February, 2017. The competitors were given a choice of topic between cartoon characters and Sports Day. Most of them chose cartoon characters.





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On winter nights the only people we see outside our homes in our colony are the pizza or other fast food delivery men. Fast foods like pizza, burgers etc have replaced Indian fast foods like bhatura, samosa, dosa, vada, khakra etc. America of course deserves aping for its infrastructure, technological prowess, institutional vitality where it is the  nonpareil among nations. I am not a fan of fast foods but if you do have to plump for fast foods there is far greater variety in every state in India which are a lot tastier, that it baffles me as to why we have to go a la Americana. The infiltration of American fast foods as a meal alternative is a potential life style influenced threat to our children's health.

The Thiagaraja Aradhana was held in the badminton court on 12th February, 2017. This roomier venue was a welcome relief from the cramped precincts of the Community Hall. For me it is one of the most awaited events in the Yamuna cultural calendar. Things started in earnest at about 3.00 pm with several individual performers and ended with the entire galaxy of singers lending their voice to the Pancharatna Kirtana till around 7 pm. Our stable of classically trained singers adds a lot of heft to such functions as even with glitches in the mikes, the sheer quality of rendering  resonated through the audience and left them truly mesmerised. It is difficult to single out anybody for praise from the innumerable singers who lent their voice to the proceedings. I would be amiss, however, not to mention the contribution of Kalyani, Bhavani. Sumathi, Shubhada, Latha, Seema and a few persons from outside Yamuna including the accompanists on Mridangam and Violin in keeping this Aradhana alive and kicking.

The days of stumbling in the dark are over. After a scientific study by a lighting specialist, new LED lights have been placed on the perimeter road, in the park and the inner pathways. We hope residents are able to move around without having to watch their step. If any resident finds that a part of the colony is still inadequately lit they should inform the office so that their concerns can be addressed. In due course even the terrace will be lit.

With annual exams around the corner, good wishes go out to all the children of Yamuna.


Devansh, son of S. Venkat and Shridevi of A -307 opened his account on 12th February, 2017. His first birthday was celebrated with much fanfare in the Community Hall The hall was festooned with blue balloons and lit in the same colour with a strings of small lights. As the birthday cake was cut, the assembled throng burst into a birthday song. The mirth was lost on Devansh. He had no clue what the hullaballoo was all about. High decibel music and revelry continued till quite late. As Devansh grows up and sees the photos he will realise what a splash it was!


As a precursor to the wedding of Arjun Kohli (C-203) to Triza, Yamuna residents were invited to two functions in the main lawn, namely 'mata ki chowki' on 13th February, 2017 and 'mehndi' on 15th February, 2017. Mata ki chowki took us on a beautiful spiritual journey. The stage was done up like a temple and the singing of bhajans in praise of the Lord was well received. Mr. Praveen Kohli and his wife Chanchal were gracious hosts and plied us with prasad. The dinner was sumptuous. Rangu, the caterer, has earned his spurs.
At the mehndi, both Arjun in his achkan and Triza in her lehnga looked very fetching. Love between the two has blossomed over time and the glow on their faces said it all. Mr. Kohli is a proud Punjabi and he flaunted it in style with a gun slung around his shoulder. To say Mr. Kohli loves life to the fullest is an understatement. He left no stone unturned to make everybody feel very welcome and let them believe that they were the most important people in the world. The men were made to wear turbans. Yamuna men in headgear and dancing to Punjabi songs was quite a treat. To the gastronome, the spread left them spoilt for choice.The nuptials were held elsewhere.


In a sign of the times, a marriage which bridged a cultural and religious gulf, brought Prerna Jain, daughter of of ex-residents Yatendra and Archana of G-005 and her Kashmiri groom, Ronaq together. To celebrate the celestial union, post their wedding, they held a reception at Hotel Shangri La on 17th February, 2017. The ballroom was decorated in pastel shades – ostensibly a Kashmiri influence. An almost all female band, dressed in white, regaled the audience with instrumental hits featuring the saxophone, mandolin, synthesizer etc. Both Prerna and Ronaq looked completely besotted with each other and painted a pretty picture. The food, albeit all vegetarian, featured exotic dishes cooked to perfection.

Prerna and Ronaq will see a lot of each other as they are partners in the Delhi unit of Ronaq's family's furniture business. We wish them a splendid future.


Dr. Giridara Gopal has moved into G-302 with his wife Sonia. Dr. Gopal is working at AIIMS. He is also pursuing a PhD in Community Medicine from Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta. In his spare time he plays the piano. He is a grade 4 pianist and plays Beethoven, Mozart etc. He also loves reading books. Sonia is a trained nurse and is currently doing her Masters in Public Health. Like most Haryanvi women she is good at sports. They can be reached on 8130422542 and 8826031791 respectively. A warm welcome to them.

Letter to the editor:

Hi Mohan,
My name is Vinod (official name is Vishwanath, in case you are wondering about the gmail ID). Got your email ID from the Yamuna Chronicle's blog. Just wanted to say thanks for maintaining this blog. It's my window to Yamuna apts, and every blog brings back good memories from my childhood days at Yamuna (Diwali mela, annual day, shastha-preethi, sports day, onam, and many more such events). We used to live in F-004 (1980-90), before moving to Kerala. My father occasionally narrates a story or two from when the apartment was under construction etc. Don't recognize most of the names that keep popping up in your monthly updates, but do remember some of the old-timers whose names are mentioned now and then. 

Thanks again for maintaining this journal. 


It is very nice to know that Yamuna leaves a deep imprint on the minds of people. That, ex-residents should relate to Yamuna even decades after they have left the colony speaks volumes of the place, the people and the micro-culture within.

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01 February, 2017

Issue No. 185 I January, 2017


Mr. G. Ramabadhran, President of the Society submitted his resignation late last month for personal reasons. This was reluctantly accepted by the MC at a meeting on the 1st of this month. As a consequence, Mrs. Seetha Venkataraman took charge as the acting President until the next AGM. We wish to place on record Mr. Ramabadhran's immense contribution in the regularisation of  flats with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies. He was also the driving force in the implementation of the Apna Complex portal which eases communication between the residents and the office, among other things.

I do not recall the last time the sewage lines of the entire complex was  cleaned. If memory serves me right, it has not happened in the last twenty-five years. No wonder many of the manholes were buried under the road and elsewhere. Since the blocked sewers could not be opened through manual intervention, a contract was given to an external agency who brought high pressure suction pumps mounted on a truck to suck out the muck. They unearthed a veritable loot of the nether kind including sanitary pads, wash cloth and other unmentionables. The entire odoriferous exercise was supervised by Seetha, Kunal, Mohan Krishnaswamy, Poornima amongst others. Kudos to them for braving the toxic fumes.

Have you come across some barbers who go jabber, jabber, jabber the moment you put your head into their hands? Many barbers have this proclivity to tonsorial small talk. When they ask me how I would like my hair cut, I am tempted to say, "Silently". For the life of me I cannot figure out why the barber thinks I should be interested in his taste in movies or music or what his brother does for a living. Anyway, this torment is not going to last. The alarming rate at which my cranial landscape is going barren, I will be an egghead ere long and sans the barber.

When we were in college and went out to a movie or lunch, we went Dutch which meant the bill was split equally and paid for. No fuss and everybody went their ways. But you must see the drama unfold in many of the expensive restaurants these days. I have been witness to such a hilarious charade played out on the adjoining table. I like to watch these charades. It makes for great entertainment. It is a well honed and practiced work of art and science.

There were these four friends having a jolly good time until the waiter brings the bill. One person suggests that they split the bill equally. Everybody agrees except one person who says, "You had the prawn thermidor (an outrageously expensive dish) whereas I had only the tomato soup". Suddenly all of them pull out their mobile phones and start furiously calculating. One person dives under the table to retrieve his credit card which has fallen while fumbling with his wallet. By design the card is out of arm's reach. The other one suddenly gets the urge to relieve himself and heads off to the washroom. The third one can't find his wallet and says maybe he left it in the car and heads to the parking lot. The fourth one, "the sucker", takes out his credit card and pays the waiter who by now has got very restless. As soon as the payment is done the three friends reappear with their respective credit cards and say in unison, where is the bill? When the fourth tells that he has paid, they all pipe in and say, the next one is on me. Does this sound familiar?

The Nehru jacket has become the sartorial metaphor that even the visiting NRI's covet. Winter is when Nehru jackets of all hues and cuts make their style statement at various functions. It however, remains Politician prĂȘt-a-porter domain. At the last Annual Day celebrations, I saw many in the crowd who had donned the Nehruvian adaptation of this haute couture jacket.

The heritage walk and picnic to Lodi Gardens was called off at the last minute as several residents reported ill, probably due to the inclement weather a couple days prior. An impromptu decision was taken to hold a picnic in the lawn instead.

Several internet providers are peddling their services in the colony offering higher down loading speeds and data capacity to woo the residents. In order to sift fact from fiction, the Society conducted a benchmarking study, the finding of which has been sent to all the residents. While leaving the choice to the residents to select the vendor that best meets their requirement, the Society places a caveat that the residents choose only those service providers who meet the condition of underground ducting and keeping the terrace free of wires. As it is, with cable TV, Tata Sky, clothesline etc the terrace is a veritable maze of wires and ropes which makes it difficult for anyone to walk on the terrace without encountering obstacles. I have reasonable cause to believe that between MTNL, Airtel and Gigatel, they will meet all your aspirations.
In Tiruvaiyar and in Sabha's across the world the legend of St. Thiagaraja's lives on. This year will be the saint's 250th birth anniversary, which makes it special. The Society will conduct the Thiagaraja Aradhana in the Badminton Court on Sunday, 12th February, 2017 from 2.30 pm. Residents who like singing or hearing Carnatic music are cordially invited. There will be individual performances from 2.30 to 5 pm, thereafter, Panchratna Kirtana will be a group effort. Prasad will be distributed.


Tragedy befell Yamuna when Mrs. Parvathi N. Swamy of E-006 left for her heavenly abode on 11th January, 2017 after a minor chest complaint. She was 86 years old. Whenever Mr. K. V. N. Swamy invited like minded friends to his house in Karol Bagh in 1956 to form the Society that we live in, it was Mrs. Parvathi who prepared refreshments for everybody. She has been a pillar of strength for the family. It has been a long innings. She was a kind soul.

Tragedy struck Yamuna again the next day when Mr. V. K. Govil of B-106 passed away peacefully on 12th January, 2017. He was 75 years old. He had been ailing for a while but through his illness he remained calm and composed. At the prayer meeting on the 14th, relatives and friends were heaping eulogies on Mr. Govil. Hearing them speak, I can only say that Mr. Govil, was not only a magnanimous husband, father, friend and an inspiration to so many people whose hearts he touched, what he achieved through love in the face of cancer is beyond imagination.
Mrs. Thilakam B Menon of H-104 passed away on 17th January, 17 in Holy Family Hospital after a prolonged period of multiple ailments. Whenever I met her she showed no remorse and took all her troubles in her stride with confidence. It has been a painful period for her and her family. In a way it was a kind of deliverance that at last she can now rest in peace.
It is unfortunate that three original residents left our midst in quick succession. Members of the Society convey their condolence to the bereaved families.


Mr. Debabrata Das has moved into B-304 with his wife Tania Kishore Jaleel. Both are journalists and are working with Fortune India. Debabrata's parents used to live in Yamuna in 1982. Debabrata is currently writing a book on aviation. He loves watching football and listening to 70's rock music. He supports Barcelona and Liverpool. Tania is fond of reading and cooking. Debabrata and Tania can be reached on 9833621905. We welcome them both to Yamuna.
Kartick Shankar and Madhu of B-306 did not have to trouble the movers when they moved two floors down to B-006.
Chayan Adhikari has moved into A-205 from Karol Bagh. He is a music composer and producer and member of two bands-one called Advaita which is into Indian classical fusion music and another called Chayan and Smiti which is into English Acoustic music in which he is the singer and guitar player. He is also Project Head at Music Basti, an NGO that works with underprivileged children through music. When not immersed in music he loves to watch sports channels, especially football. His girlfriend Anna Maury is a French national and will be moving in with him In February this year. Being an oenologist and chocolatier, she has secured a job with Brindco, a wine distributing company in India. She too has musical leanings, being an accomplished Piano player. With her moving into Yamuna we will have some Gaelic influence. They can be reached on 9999972507.


·      Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice"?
·      Don't marry a tennis player - love means nothing to them.
·      Common sense is the least common of all senses.
·      When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
·      Why are they called apartments,  when they're all stuck together?
·      Why do scientists call it research when looking for something new?
·      If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
·      The trouble with political jokes is that they get elected.
·      How is it possible to have a civil war?
·      When there's a will, I want to be in it.
·      Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.
·      I'm a kleptomanic. What can I take for it?
·      Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who drives a race car not called a racist?
·      In a nuclear war, all men will be cremated equal.
·      Be careful with that saw!, Tom said offhandedly.
·      I was a banker, but lost interest.

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